Tweedsmuir will be joining the Resilient Communities scheme!


The scheme helps communities to develop a plan for coping with emergencies such as bad weather, road accidents, power cuts, people lost in the hills, medical emergencies and so on. Scottish Borders Council provides advice and equipment, and we develop a network of local volunteers to keep the community safe and informed during an emergency. You can find more information here.

Andrew Mason has volunteered to be scheme co-ordinator and is looking for deputies who will be contacted if Andrew is unavailable to co-ordinate a response to an emergency. Full training and information will be given. If you would like to volunteer to be a deputy, contact us.

Andrew will be sending out more information and talking to many households about the scheme. We will need volunteers with a variety of skills to join us, and we will also be asking you if you have any specific needs that we can help with (e.g. getting urgent medication if you’re snowed in).

We’d also like to encourage all residents to sign up to SBAlert, which sends out information about bad weather, local crime etc. You can choose what information you want to receive. Sign up here!


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