The Tweedsmuir Ecomuseum will be formally launched on the 10th December – and there are now over 400 entries in the system, which have been entered by volunteers.

You will be hearing the word “ecomuseum” a lot in future: ours is the first of a number in the works locally. It is a museum focused on the identity of a place, largely based on local participation and aiming to enhance the welfare and development of local communities.

Come to the Village Hall at 7.00 for an evening where history meets technology! Bring your tablet or laptop, as it will be an interactive workshop, with a presentation by the Ecomuseum developer, Andrew Mason. You will also find out how to upload your own photos and other resources.

At the same time, Broughton Village Store is providing “Taste and Try” catering with products you can order for delivery to the hall through their weekly Friday Shop. Bring your own bottle for a suitable festive evening!

There will also be an update on developments at The Wee Crook – I’m sure you’ve noticed all the activity at The Crook site, so this is a chance to hear first hand what is going to happen in the coming months.

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