Tweedsmuir Community Council is currently processing an application through the BT Community Fibre Partnership to try and get fibre to the premise broadband technology to every property within the Community Council area. This process is taking some time but is still progressing. In the interim period it is worth noting that the O2 / Vodafone mast in the middle of Tweedsmuir is now 4G active. This means that in some areas of the community superfast broadband is available via a mobile phone or a SIM device.

Not all properties in the Community Council area can, at this point in time, receive a 4G signal and the attached chart shows (from a basic mobile phone test) which areas do receive a 4G signal. The download and upload speeds may vary depending upon the strength of the 4G signal received.

With a 4G mobile signal you can use your mobile phone as a WIFI hotspot to access the internet from various devices in your home. There are also SIM Modems, SIM WIFI routers and mobile SIM routers on the market which can be used to broadcast your 4G signal throughout your home for your broadband needs. It is important to ensure that your device is compatible with the SIM card you purchase (at the moment only O2 and Vodafone are 4G in our area).

There are several mobile packages available for 4G broadband depending upon how much data you use or need. Please be aware that there may be excessive charges for going over your data limit so it is important to ensure you have the correct data package to suit your family broadband needs. You can check your current data usage by asking your Internet Service Provider for the information.Some of the Data only packages available do not allow you to use a Data Only SIM in a mobile phone and are only for use with a modem / router / laptop / ipad etc. It is important to check the terms and conditions before purchasing a Data only SIM.

In addition to the O2/Vodafone mast in the centre of Tweedsmuir there are plans for two new EE masts in the area. One on the Talla road near White Cottage and the other at Tweedhopefoot. If these masts go ahead this will further the 4G coverage in our area.

For more information on the 4G broadband click the link below:

Tweedsmuir 4G Mobile Broadband

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