Just a quick update on the superfast broadband scheme. As you know, we were successful in our application to SSE for £69,000 towards the project, and we have now applied to Glenkerie windfarm fund for the same amount. The committee recently undertook a question-and-answer session with Foundation Scotland, the administrators of the scheme on Glenkerie’s behalf. Foundation Scotland will make a recommendation to the local panel at the end of this month. The application will then be assessed by the panel on March 13, and a decision will be made at that meeting. The committee has been allowed to make a presentation on March 13, which we are grateful to Glenkerie windfarm/Foundation Scotland for, as we feel this is imperative to explain the scheme.

On the Gigabit front, we are experiencing some delays/difficulties due to the fact that staff at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport have been seconded to Brexit duties. However, we are on course to reach around £80,000.

In short, this means that a successful application to Glenkerie should allow the scheme to start as soon as BT can arrange the works, hopefully this summer.

Best wishes, Paul Greaves, secretary, Tweedsmuir Community Council.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or phoning

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